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We have you covered for both residential and commercial disaster emergencies including water mitigation in Southampton 24/7, 365 days a year! Call now and rest easy knowing the situation is well at hand.

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24/7 Emergency Services

247 emergency response for disaster events including water damage, fire damage, sewage cleanup, harmful bio-hazard cleanup, and more.

Direct Insurance Biling

Quality Restoration will help you understand what you are entitled to under your policy coverage

Financing Available

Disasters can strike at the most inopportune of times, with financing available you can minimize the financial disruption to your family or business

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In Southampton, Let Quality Restoration’ water mitigation experts remediate your commercial or residential water damage

We offer water mitigation services in Southampton and surrounding towns such as:  SpringfieldChicopeeEast LongmeadowWestfieldAmherstNorthamptonBelchertownWilbrahamSouthwickSouthamptonAgawam. We believe everyone should have access to professional water mitigation and restoration services, because choosing the wrong company for mitigation and restoration can be one of the most costly mistakes anyone can make.

Water mitigation for your Southampton commercial or residential property can become a nightmare if you choose the wrong restoration company, and you’ve probably heard the stories before. You return from a stay away from home to find a pipe has burst or rainwater has flooded your basement. Water damage in the Massachusetts area is more common than you’d think, and the prognosis of your home or commercial property and business depends on your prompt action in choosing the right water mitigation company for the remediation of your properties damage.

Quality Restoration offers the following commercial businesses water mitigation services in the Southampton areas

Quality Restoration Is Your Best Choice For Water Mitigation at Your Massachusetts Residence or Commercial Property

Living in Massachusetts , you might not initially think of water damage as a common issue. But the fact remains that many families are affected by it each year. This is partially due to our beautiful Massachusetts climate. During the spring season, heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and other inclement weather can cause storm flooding, especially to houses on lower ground. Other causes of water damage include sewage backups, plumbing and structural issues, and leaky roofs. Quality Restoration staff are passionate about serving you, and are extremely knowledgeable about the particular challenges that come with mitigation of water damage in the Massachusetts area.

We Provide Water Mitigation Services to the Following Industries in Southampton

Water Damage Can Cause More Troubles Than Expected, With the Mitigation Requiring Experience You May Not Have Thought About

Aside from the obvious inconveniences of water damage to your home or business, there are many other issues that can arise, including:

  • Displacement from the home: Unfortunately, most instances of water damage require vacating the property while it is being mitigated. Our aim is to get you back in your home or business as quickly as possible.
  • Property Damage: With any water mitigation process, there is bound to be some damage to your personal affects, possessions, and in the case of commercial damage, business assets. While we will do our best to salvage everything possible, it is likely that some items will need to be disposed of and replaced. Additionally, some items should never be salvaged, and having an experienced mitigation team on your side helps ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of by your insurance company in the event a dispute arises over the viability of cleaning and salvaging something that should not be.
  • Sanitary and health risks: Any type of water damage, whether from a sewage backup, a burst pipe or storm flooding can cause a health risk of varying severity to you, your family and employees. During this stressful and trying time, we know that the safety of all concerned is the most important factor, and we are committed to that tenant.
  • Structural damage: It is possible your home will suffer some form of structural damage, depending on the scope of the water damage. Our goal is to reduce this as much as possible during the mitigation process, and to do so we need to act quickly.

Why Quality Restoration for Your Water Mitigation Services at Your MA Residence or Commercial Building?

It’s critical that any water damage restoration company you choose is professional and able to deliver the quality of services you require to ensure the long term integrity of your property, and the health of all those involved. There are a great many differences in water mitigation companies available for your mitigation, so take a little time and make sure the mitigation company you choose meets the necessary criteria to provide the high level of service required to properly mitigate and remediate the issues at hand. This could very well be one of the most important decisions you make for your property and your health so look for the qualities Quality Restoration offers in any provider you may consider. Feel free to ask for our references, we have hundreds to pull from and chances are we have someone right in your town we have worked with before that can attest to the quality and professionalism all Quality Restoration employees exude during the water mitigation and restoration process.

Water Mitigation Often Requires MA State or Local Town Level Notifications under Certain Scenarios and Not All Mitigation Companies Remediating Your Water Damage Follow These Regulations, be Safe Choose Quality Restoration

In most cases your mitigation program will go without a hitch, but under certain circumstances such as those involving Asbestos, toxic waste, or other hazardous materials, the state, local, or perhaps even both authorities will need to be notified or you will risk potential penalties and legal intervention. This typically only applies to Asbestos, and hazardous class materials typically found in older commercial buildings but older houses also pose a risk. Quality Restoration as part of their program will handle any necessary notifications and paperwork filing for the state of MA as well as any local authorities. The state of MA health department contact information is listed below if you have any questions, or feel free to call us directly and we can answer them for you.

From time to time pre-project questions do arise and in those cases you can always call the local health department, or alternatively, contact is here at Quality Restoration and we can answer them for you. Our consults are always no obligation and risk free so you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interest in mind, and we are more than happy to provide any information you may need.

From time to time pre-project questions do arise and in those cases you can always call the local health department, or alternatively, contact is here at Quality Restoration and we can answer them for you. Our consults are always no obligation and risk free so you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interest in mind, and we are more than happy to provide any information you may need.


Let Quality Restoration help guide you through the complex process of your insurance claim submittal.

Quality Restoration Can help you navigate the somewhat troublesome process of filing an insurance claim by assisting with direct billing. Additionally, understanding your entitlements within your policy can add some additional confusion, and the professionals at Quality Restoration can help you understand your policy provisions so you can be brought back to pre-loss condition as quickly, and painlessly as possible.

It’s important to act quickly during, and just after an event. Whether it’s water damage, fire and smoke damage, or any other covered event, the burden of mitigating future damage and loss falls on the shoulders of the policy owner. Not only do you have to file a claim as soon as you know an insured event has occurred, you must take any and all necessary steps to mitigate future damage, failing to do so may have an impact on the amount covered.

Managing your insurance claim whether it is commercial or residential requires patience and knowledge, something most people in crisis mode are in short supply of. Adding to the complexities of properly filing a claim is the emotional stress that many times accompanies an emergency event. Quality Restoration is positioned to help you navigate this process as well as offer direct billing with reporting to your insurance provider to help streamline the insurance claim filing and settlement process as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Water Mitigation in Southampton Massachusetts

  • Fully Insured
  • Fully Certified
  • 1 Year workmanship quality guarantee
  • Full service reconstruction company including building reconstruction
  • Company instituted train and retrain program for employees
  • Perform background checks on all employees
  • Project management and quality control systems and processes in place
  • Dedicated account and project managers
  • True 24 emergency response, not just emergency “call” response
  • 90 minute or less onsite response times during emergencies to 90% of our service area
  • Personalized service from initial consultation to project completion follow up and insurance billing
  • Direct insurance billing (we work for you and not the insurance companies during mitigation, national franchises have loyalties to large insurers that may be biased based on the funneling of work)
  • Insurance deductible assistance
  • State and federal contracts
  • Local decision making; not mandated at some national level franchisor with disregard for onsite needs for both property and people, with us you’re not just a number
  • Big company resources with local decision making and compassion

Massachusetts Department of Health Contact Details if Required

Contact Details

Phone Number:

(617) 624-6000

Mailing Address:

250 Washington St
Boston, MA 02108

Street Address:

250 Washington St
Boston, MA 02108

Throughout the course of your project there is work related to multiple services within your home or business. Many of these services need town approval and permitting to move forward, when you hire Quality Restoration, you can rest assured that we handle all of the necessary permitting and notifications for you. If you have any pre-project questions you can call the town office below for your location, or call us and we can answer those questions for you.

Southampton Building Department
210 College Hwy
Southampton, MA 01073

Where To Start With Your Water Mitigation Project

We know that this is an extremely stressful and trying time for your family or business. The staff at Quality Restoration are ready to walk you through every step, from an initial assessment to clearing the water, drying the property, sanitizing it thoroughly, and preparing your home or business for restoration, and even putting it all back together.

Each and every step is crucial to the success of the process and the future of your home or business. Take the first step today and choose Quality Restoration for your MA based water mitigation project and rest easy. Call us at 413-200-3518 to set up your no charge consultation and assessment or schedule the work necessary to get you back on your feet.

Commercial Damage Restoration Services​

Commercial water damage repair, fire damage restoration, mold removal, smoke damage repair, biohazard cleanup and removal services for Springfield area businesses, schools, non-profits and government agencies

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Resorts
  • Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Nursing Homes
  • Municipal, State, Federal Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condominiums
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Churches
"Quality cleaning sent a great team out for some home renovations. Our experience was very smooth. They dealt with most the details, worked quickly, clean and professional. Would definitely use this company again!"
Ed. D
"QC&R went above and beyond my expectations. I am an absentee homeowner and they performed all their work without direct supervision. The results were outstanding! One month after completing the contract, I discovered a minor issue. They returned and fixed it promptly and without question. Great company."
"I was very impressed. Work completed quickly and thoroughly. Vlad, the owner, was very easy to work with. And Patrick did an amazing job keeping me informed and calm threw the entire process. I highly recommend these guys if you experience any hardships at your home."

24/7 Emergency Services Available

247 emergency response for disaster events including water damage, fire damage, sewage cleanup, harmful bio-hazard cleanup, and more. When tragedy strikes, count on us for certified fire and water damage repair and restoration.

Direct Insurance Billing

Quality Restoration will help you understand what you are entitled to under your policy coverage and submit all invoices directly to your insurance company for payment so you don’t have to deal with one more thing during trying times

Financing Available

Disasters can strike at the most inopportune of times, with financing available you can minimize the financial disruption to your family or business and concentrate on putting the event behind you and getting life back to normal

Understanding Water Damage Restoration Services

When it comes to commercial water damage, residential water damage, including damage from storms and flooding, Quality Restoration has you covered. With each event, man made or natural, there are specific skillsets needed and concerns to be considered, everything from coverage entitlements, to business downtime, to the health of everyone involved, you need a company with experience by your side to ensure a favorable outcome, after all it’s not just about fixing the damage, it’s about putting all of the pieces of your business or life back together as quickly as possible.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Water damage restoration and repair for commercial properties can quickly become complex projects with many stages, all requiring expert work and attention to detail. Our expert team of restoration and repair specialists are standing by to tackle any size water restoration project from multi-family dwellings to multi-story office buildings to restaurants, hotels and shopping malls. You can count on us to get the job done as quickly as possible while also maintaining a high quality of work to restore your commercial building and get your business back on track.

Residential Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Water damage to your home effects your biggest investment and disrupts your life. At Quality Restoration we’re always ready to respond, assess, clean, repair and restore your property to its original state. Our skilled team has years of experience and the industry certifications to backup our services, and when you work with us you can rest assured the project will be done right, and on time. We’ll even work with your insurance to make sure your home is put back to the way it was. Call today for more information!

Storm Damage Restoration and Repair

Storms can sometimes strike quickly and violently and often leave flooding and damage in their wake. Quick water damage repair and restoration can be required to fix your property before mold and structural damage occur. At Quality Restoration we can solve your storm damage problem from start to finish including emergency board up, water extraction, water cleanup, dryout, and finally restoration of the property to its original condition.

Flood Damage Restoration

Like storms, floods can be a hazard in MA and can cause significant damage to properties of all types. If a flood strikes, the professionals at Quality Restoration are ready to respond to your situation. We have the equipment and expertise to dry, clean and repair your property quickly and correctly. Don’t wait, floodwaters can carry dangerous pathogens and can cause dangerous structural damage to your property. Call us today and get the ball rolling on your restoration and repair.

We Work With All Insurance

Water Damage and Other Restoration Services in the Springfield, MA Area

Quality Restoration proudly provides the following water damage repair and restorations services as well as other damage restoration services in the Springfield, MA area

Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Repair
Water Damage Mitigation
Water Extraction
Sewage Cleanup
Mold Removal
Fire Damage Restoration
Fire Cleanup
Smoke Damage
Bio-Hazard Cleanup
& More

In addition to providing water damage restoration and other damage repair services such as fire, mold, and storm damage, we are supported by a large network of contractors in our area as well as throughout the U.S for a variety of homeowner and commercial repair and restoration services. We would be glad to help you find any contracting resources you may need for your home or business.

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